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Quantum Electronic Payments Apple Pay

Apple Pay

Quantum Electronic Payments is an authorized Apple Pay dealer, allowing you to transform the way your business accepts payment transactions. With the release of the new iPhone IOS system, payment transactions are simplified as payments can now be processed without manually swiping a credit or debit card. For the merchant, not much changes, but for the customer, it’s a whole new way to pay.

Apple Pay is essentially a digital wallet that provides customers the option to pay with the touch of a button, allowing merchants to accept payments without having to manually

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EMV Is the Future, Arriving Very Soon What to Know!

Practically every country in the world has fully transitioned from magnetic stripe cards to EMV-enabled credit cards—except for the United States. Named for the three companies that created it—Europay, MasterCard and Visa—EMV is a tiny chip embedded in payment cards that is virtually impossible to counterfeit and offers much stronger security features than most American cards. As its usage grows here, bankers and business consultants are uniquely positioned to help small businesses make this crucial transition, toward a more secure future.

Why EMV?

EMV is the name for the secure chip embedded in more

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