Wireless / Mobile Solutions

Take payments on-the-move with Quantum Electronic Payments wireless credit card processing solutions

Wireless Credit Card Processing

Our top-of-the-line wireless technology is perfect for companies that want the ability to take their cash register on the road. Our wireless credit card equipment goes virtually anywhere in the United States and doesn’t require an Internet connection. For an even easier travel experience, ask about our pocket-sized credit card terminals.

Wireless credit card processing is a good fit for many types of businesses, including service providers, taxi cab drivers, delivery professionals, and more. Other advantages to a wireless merchant account include:

  • Reduced processing costs because you “swipe” cards outside of your office
  • Customers sign their receipts on-location, so you have lower charge-back fees
  • Less opportunity for fraudulent transactions
  • Less time-consuming than manually inputting credit card numbers
  • High-level security of credit card information

Are you a business on the go? Quantum Electronic Payments is the answer for you!

Our merchant services are affordable and mobile

Merchant Mobile Solutions

Start accepting credit and debit card payments today through your smartphone or other mobile device. Increasing the number of ways your customers can make a payment or purchase can increase your revenue. Customers like options, give them the ultimate convenience when you accept mobile payments.

Whether you are using a smartphone or a terminal, our mobile payment merchant services allows your business to accept payments from any location. Quantum Electronic Payments mobile payment terminals are ideal for mobile stores or businesses on the go. With Quantum Electronic Payments your business has affordable merchant services with multiple options including mobile payments where your customers have the ability to make payments via credit or debit card.

Quantum Electronic Payments "lowest cost guarantee" ensures that your merchant service charges are the lowest possible! Apply now and save money while making money with Quantum Electronic Payments mobile payment services.