Point-of-Sale Solutions

EMV Terminals

Choosing the right EMV terminal for your business is no small task. How do you pick the right one out of all the options on the market?
We’ve already done the heavy lifting for you by partnering with the best of the best in EMV technology. It doesn’t matter if you need a versatile mobile terminal or a more traditional countertop device. Select one of Quantum’s terminal offerings and experience friction-less payment processing, all without having to pay any outrageous leasing fees.




Verifone VX 520

The classic. The Verifone VX 520 is the ultimate EMV terminal for retail, restaurants, boutiques, and mom and pop shops. Armed with a 32-bit processor and a battery for backup power, this terminal is built to last. Process any form of payment in seconds!



Joining our Qrev Program? Well, you’ll need a POS terminal capable of printing compliant transaction receipts, and those are hard to come by. Enter the PAX S80, one of the few EMV terminals on the market you can trust to run your cash discount program. Loads of memory power, swipe and chip readers, NFC compatibility, and an easy-to-read display — the PAX S80 turns cash discount transactions into simple clockwork.


Not all EMV terminals are created equal. Dejavoo understands that, which is why they offer different terminals for different business types. From retail-specific countertop terminals to sleek mobile alternatives, we’ll power you with the technology that best suits your business’s needs.



PAX A920

The A920 is the revolutionary terminal that started it all. A strikingly beautiful and ergonomically designed terminal, this SmartMobile delivers elegance, style, and security to every payment experience. The A920 combines the full features of an Android tablet with a powerful payment terminal, all in a sleek and compact design. The A920 delivers an integrated camera, high-speed thermal printer, and high-capacity battery to meet the daily demands across all dynamic Retail or Hospitality environments.



POS Systems

Terminals are perfect for businesses that need nothing more than bare bones payment processing — just a terminal and the ability to process any type of payment.
Now, if you envision running a customer loyalty program, or if you want to text your customers their receipts, or if you want to track your inventory numbers, then a POS system might work better for your business. POS systems typically include tablet technology, extensive back-end software, marketing automations, and more. You can even purchase your cash drawer, receipt printer, and other accessory equipment at once in a POS bundle.
Check out our most popular POS system bundles…one of them might be perfect for your front desk!

PAX E600

The PAX E600 is a high-performance POS that can create an experience on and off the counter. With it’s dual-facing displays, both merchants and customers can experience a reliable, smooth, and secure checkout. Its portability adds a range of capabilities, such as pay-at-the-table, catering, delivery, and curbside service. With multiple communication options and peripheral ports, the E600 exhibits flexibility and ease-of-use in its next-gen design.




PAX E700

The E700 terminal combines Electronic Cash Register (ECR) and Consumer Payments functionality into a single, ergonomic solution, ideal for retail, restaurants, hotels, supermarkets, specialty stores, cinemas and entertainment theme parks. The iPad-like touch screen with smart automatic brightness function is ergonomically designed to improve viewing, ensuring users and shoppers get the best experience when interacting with it. Built with a hybrid card reader, dual cameras, and multiple security layers, customers can pay quickly and securely, using traditional or alternative payment methods.




Introducing one of the most robust front desk POS systems available, complete with a tablet terminal, smart back-end software, a receipt printer, a cash drawer, and more. Mynt doesn’t just streamline your checkout process — it elevates it to another level. Not only does it look trendy, but it’s also compatible with our Qrev Program. Purchase your entire front counter POS system in one go!





Need a POS system that can handle splitting checks? What about one that can automatically manage your customer rewards program? NCR’s line of POS products are highly regarded by merchants for a reason. The hardware is easy to use, and everything is designed to run without constant human interference; just set it, forget it, and move on. Enhance your customers’ checkout experience with one of NCR’s top-of-the-line POS solutions!