Virtual Terminal

Virtual Payment Solutions for B2B and Back-Office Operations

Quantum’s virtual terminal enables you to accept payments from any device with internet access.

Our virtual terminal credit card processing is essential for B2B, professional services businesses, or any organization that accepts payments by phone, mail, or fax.

Accept Payments Without a Credit Card

Don’t have your customer’s credit card handy? Simply log in to our system on any internet-enabled device and add their credit card information to process payment. Quantum literally puts virtual payment solutions at your fingertips.

All the Essentials You Need, Coupled with Superior Service


    Score lower rates with Quantum. In most cases, you also get to keep your current processing gateway while you transition.


    Don't worry about paying any application or reprogramming fees; we offer free account setup as a 'thank you' for choosing our virtual payment solutions.


    Our secure PCI Compliant software protects your customers’ data at all times.


    When you use Quantum’s virtual terminals, you’re never alone, with our 24/7 customer service and technical support always available to assist you.