Security & Compliance

Peace of Mind Starts With Secure Payment Solutions

Winning customer trust and earning maximum profitability begin with secure payment solutions. Look no further, security is what we do.

With our suite of risk/fraud management tools, PCI compliance services, and data tokenization, Quantum elevates your security and compliance to where you can put your clients at ease and protect your business.

Risk & Fraud Management

As part of our active risk and fraud management services, Quantum monitors your transactions daily. If we discover suspicious activity, we’ll notify you immediately and review the questionable transactions to determine if fraud is at play. Furthermore, we educate merchants on prudent payment processing practices and what documentation they’ll need to minimize fraudulent chargebacks.

PCI Compliance

With Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard violations costing businesses millions of dollars each year, profitability is impossible if you refuse to comply with local and federal regulations. We work with new clients to become fully PCI-compliant within 90 days. Our success speaks for itself: more than 99 percent of our clients are PCI-compliant.

How does PCI compliance affect your business? Visit our FAQ page to learn more.


Data Tokenization

Your customers entrust you with some of their most sensitive financial data. Quantum makes sure you hold on to their trust. When you process with Quantum, your customers’ cardholder data is tokenized – or scrambled – to prevent fraud and data breaches.